Improving the facilities

For many years we (SCA) have been attempting to raise the funds to build a combined community facility on the Playing Field. During this time maintenance of the existing village hall had been confined to the essentials to keep it running. However, in mid-October 2017 SCA resolved to commence a programme of improvement works on the village hall whilst it continued its efforts towards a new facility.
The November 2019 report on the improvement programme for the village hall is shown below. The future works required have been prioritised into 3 categories – short, medium and long term. It is likely that priorities will be amended and that other works will be added as the improvement programme progresses.

                                                           Renovations and Repairs
The current renovation and repair programme started in 2017, since when we have raised £13,029.26 thanks to our marvellous volunteer fundraisers, some grants and you, the community.
To date (early November 2019) we have spent £8,066.59.
We have £4,962.67 to spend as we move forward (£4,073.42 of which was raised this year).
All funds in this programme are treated as Reserved within our accounts meaning they are separately identified and can only be used for the programme. We always ensure that we have the funds in hand before committing to a project within the programme.

What we’ve done

Roof repairs over the section of the hall with a higher ceiling
(plus £1,900 from general funds)                                                                                              £2,500.00
Male & female toilets painted (paint supplied from general funds)                                            –
Village Hall sign and paint the outside of the entrance screen                                                £350.76
Professional help to investigate the movement in the rear stores                                         £363.32
Repair the gutters and the timber they are attached to on East side of building.
Replace defective manhole covers in the car park                                                                    £175.00
Kitchen. Repair and damp proof external wall, revise electrics, decorate and provide replacement units and worktops in the kitchen. Replace floor in adjacent store with
concrete, decorate store.                                                                                                             £2,408.80
Main Hall. Various repairs including replacing emergency exit doors (ongoing) and
new window blinds. Redecorate. New noticeboards                                                              £1,653.71
Purchase 2m x 4m stage                                                                                                                 £615.00
Total to date   £8,066.59
The majority of the labour was provided by volunteers; we only use paid for professional help when we are required to (electricians, surveyors, roofers etc).

Next steps

In hand
Complete installation of emergency exit doors
Complete installation of the revised Audio Visual system
We are liaising with a professional audiologist to investigate improving the acoustics within the hall
Reduce the high point in the car park and spread road planings over the whole

Short term
Dedicated storage for Strummers
Panic bar opener for kitchen fire escape door
Replace the fascia board around the flat roofed front extension.  Note this will necessitate removing the cast iron gutters and downpipes and replacing them with upvc.
Investigate the soakaway arrangements for the roof drains

Medium term
Repair & refurbish all plumbing. May include replacement of fittings in toilets (cisterns & basins)
Decorate entrance foyer. Possibly replace entrance screen
Decorate exterior of building
Renovate or remove stained glass window in north store room
Improve lighting of approach to hall
Replace windows on West side of building
Improve heating
Provide accessible toilet

Long term
Insulate walls
Replace floor in main hall
Stabilise rear stores