Improving the facilities

For many years we (SCA) have been attempting to raise the funds to build a combined community facility on the Playing Field.  During this time maintenance of the existing village hall has been confined to the essentials to keep it running.  However, in mid-October 2017 SCA issued the following statement:

“Our recent bid for Lottery funding was not successful and there are now no large funding application opportunities for SCA (Somerleyton Community Association). We have therefore agreed a schedule of works which we aim to undertake on the existing hall. These have been prioritised so we have a set of urgent works together with works to be undertaken in the medium and long term.
The re-roofing of the hall and some replastering work have already been completed. We are looking for volunteers to help fund raise. We are very encouraged and grateful that the following events are being run to raise money for the village hall, Somerleyton Ukulele Strummers’ event on Sat 14 Oct and a craft fair on Sat 4 November.
The CFG (Community Facilities Group) will continue in looking at alternative ways to ensure we have facilities that meet the needs of our community in the long term as our existing hall will never achieve this aim. We are no longer shackled by the major funders’ criteria.
We would like to thank everybody for your contribution in consultations and enthusiasm for our ultimate goal.
From SCA & CFG”

The improvement programme for the village hall is shown below.  The works required have been prioritised into 3 categories.  It is likely that priorities will be amended and that other works will be added as the improvement programme progresses.

Priority 1 Repair and replaster the south wall in the main hall Completed
Resurface the car park  
Refurbish the kitchen Started*
Replace the fire doors in the main hall  
Replace the floor in the store adjacent to the kitchen  
                                   *The cooker has been replaced and a fridge has been provided  


Priority 2 Revamp toilets and provide accessible toilet  
Replace windows on west side of building  
Decorate interior and exterior Started*
Improve lighting of approach to hall  
Repair and refurbish all plumbing  
                                  *The entrance screen and doors are being repainted  


Priority 3 Add wall insulation  
Replace floor in main hall  
Stabilise the rear stores